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Hi Friends, welcome to our interactive Virtual Worship Page! There are several places you can click on. First, you have the worship video. This is where I will lead prayers, read scripture, and give a message. There are points in the video where I will prompt you to pause it so you can take a break to click on and listen and sing along with the music selections for this week! The four buttons at the bottom will take you to various forms you can fill out. Virtual Worship services from previous weeks can be found lower on the page. Thank you so much for being willing to try this out! - Pastor Connor


For Closed Captions, press "CC" when playing the video


You can find our music selections on Youtube by clicking on their names below. During the video I will prompt you to pause the video and take a moment to listen to the music listed below. Some hymns will appear in our video with lyrics provided.

Selections for this Sunday:

  • #275, Dear Lord, Who Loves All Humankind
  • Be a Light
  • #372, Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race

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Unfortunately, due to COVID19, I have not gotten to meet you all yet! In an attempt to get to know the community at Center Church, I want to have a talk! Click on the button above to sign up for a time slot to chat with me! If the times listed dont work, send me an email at and we can set something up!

- Pastor Connor

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