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You can find our music selections on Youtube by clicking on their names below. During the video I will prompt you to pause the video and take a moment to listen to the music listed below. Some hymns will appear in our video with lyrics provided.

Music Selections:

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Reflections on Privilege:


Click on this button to view students participate in and reflect a social experiment on privilege.

Click this button to take the privilege quiz to see how privilege affects your life.

Privilege Primer: Have you ever been called a derogatory slur? Yes or No?

An Exercise in Privilege:

Click on and read the news article to the left, published in July of 2020, recounting a story from August 2019. What feelings does this story stir up within you? How is privilege at play in this story? Consider the following reflection questions as you read the story.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you or your children ever go door to door to sell things for a school fundraiser?
  • Did you feel safe doing so?
  • Did you ever have to worry about terrifying a neighbor merely by knocking on their door?
  • Have you ever had to adjust how you act to avoid scaring someone simply because of the color of your skin?
  • When a cop car approaches you, is your first instinct to flee in fear for your life?

The answers to these questions show how privilege works in your life. Take the "How Does Privilege Affect You?" quiz above to see how privilege affects your life

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